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Terms of use

Concerns to all virtual pipe organs.


X – name of the virtual pipe organ

1. License agreement

ADNOTATION. This document defines the licensing agreement between the copyright holders and the user of the X sample set. The sample set consists of the samples and images, ODFs and other system files provided to you along with the order.

GRANT OF LICENSE. The copyright holders grant the customer the perpetual right to use the sample set with Hauptwerk™, the Virtual Pipe Organ software of Milan Digital Audio. The copyright holders retain all rights, including all copyright and intellectual property rights, to the sample set and all copies thereof.

PRODUCT OWNERSHIP. This product is the property of Vox Organum, which has full copyright to it. As a customer, you are the holder of limited copyright, which is based on the principles contained in this license agreement.

BACKUPS. The customer can make a backup copy of the distribution media as needed. However, the customer must not distribute copies of the sample set or parts thereof, either as-is or derived, to third parties. This includes distribution of any privately made Organ Definition Files or Custom Organ Definition Module files referencing any part of the work. You may use the full organ in a public installation but using parts of the work in a custom-made organ for a public installation is not allowed unless you have a separate signed license for this, which is negotiated on a case by case basis.

RESELLING. The customer may resell the paid sample set. In this case the customer must sign a written statement that the distribution media and all copies have been handed over to the new owner and that any remaining files associated with the sample set have been deleted. This statement, along with the name and address of the new owner, must then be sent to the copyright holders. Please notify us if you intend to transfer your license to new client and Vox Organum will verify the current situation, provide further details and prepare the statement form.

LIMITED WARRANTY. The sample set comes without any warranty. The copyright holders cannot assume any liability for the use of the sample set. The customer must take the usual precautions when using the sample set, such as setting speakers to a low volume during the first tests. The audio signal reaching the speakers is determined by several factors, e.g. volume settings on the PC, settings on the sound producing software, the sample set itself and the input signal (e.g. midi-file).

PUBLIC PERFORMANCES. The customer may use this sample set in a public performance, so long as the sample set attribution is publicly stated. For example, having the following statement printed on a program: “The organ samples used for this performance are from the X sample set from Vox Organum”. Please contact us if you want to use this product in public or buy the Institutional Use License if it is required.

2. Trademarks

The Vox OrganumTM logo is an official trademark of our company. The HauptwerkTM logo and icon is registered and belongs to Milan Digital Audio. The organ manufacturers logos were used in promotional purposes of the virtual pipe organs and they not hurt in the good name of the companies.