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Sieraków Śląski Pipe Organ Samples




1903 Rieger, 1 manual and pedal, 6-stop romantic virtual pipe organ

Sieraków Śląski Pipe Organ Samples (SSPOS) is a free Hauptwerk sample library of Rieger’s pipe organ from 1903 chromatically sampled in 96 kHz, 16 bit-format and 2-channel stereo sound.




Pedal C-d1

1. Subbas 16′
2. I/P

Manual C-f3

3 Principal 8′
4 Gambe 8′
5 Flöte 8′
6 Octawe 4′
7 Salicet 4′
8 I Super




Sieraków Śląski Pipe Organ Samples needs HauptwerkTM by Milan Digital Audio ( as a host software, available for Windows and Mac in various Editions. The table below summarizes all the system requirements.

System requirements

Windows or Mac
HauptwerkTM 4.2 Free, Basic or Advanced Edition
Dual-Core processor
ASIO compatible sound card
Speakers or headset
MIDI controllers (keyboard, pedalboard etc.)

Computer RAM usage

HauptwerkTM uses all free computer RAM to load whole sample set. If you do not have enough memory to load the whole organ, just try to disable some voices or decrease the quality of loaded samples by changing their bits or use single loops. We recommend to use this virtual pipe organ in maximum possible settings. The table below shows you the computer RAM usage for organ loading in various options.

Computer RAM usage for Sieraków Śląski Pipe Organ Samples

Stops Bits Loops Acoustics RAM usage
All 16 All Original 0,9 GB
All 16 Single Original 0,7 GB



Real photos of the instrument:


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