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Who we are?

We are Vox Organum team, the crew from Poland which connected common passion – pipe organs and technology. Our team consists professionalists and passionates about pipe organ music, sound engineers and graphics designers. Our interests allows us to meet together – and that is how the idea was born. Using the HauptwerkTM software we can bring to you the most interesting pipe organs from our country. In this world everything becomes virtual!

Main goal

Our main goal is preserving the world heritage. The contemporary sound, graphic and programming technologies allows us to create virtual instruments. In this way we can move the real pipe organs into your home. You do not have to travel to various places and play on pipe organ for a while. Your favourite instruments can come into your home, fully virtualized  for your computer. So you can play on them whenever you want.

What are we doing?

Our work includes:

  • Sound recording and mastering (Stereo and Surround)
  • Sound and acoustics researches
  • Stop-by-stop recording technology (chromatic samples)
  • Pipe organ sound measurements
  • Spatial measurements
  • Graphics design (2D and partial 3D modelling)
  • Virtual pipe organ programming (Organ Definition Module)
  • Distributing virtual pipe organ sample libraries
  • Online Technical Support (we sharing our knowledge)
  • Pipe organ documentation (history, disposition and description)
  • Concert CD-quality audio recording

Awards and prizes

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