What should I do if my antivirus detects a danger in the sample set files?

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Some antivirus programs can detect a virus during the HauptwerkTM installation of the virtual pipe organ, because Hauptwerk uses different file formats that are unknown by most of the antivirus softwares.

To these files belong:

  • Secured Organ Definition file – .Organ_Hauptwerk_hbx
  • Secured audio file – .hbw
  • Standard Organ Definition file – .Organ_Hauptwerk_xml
  • Organ installation package – .CompPkg_Hauptwerk_rar

These files are not malware, because Hauptwerk programming language allows only to create virtual pipe organs and other instruments, but not the viruses and infected files. If your antivirus software detects the malware files, you can be calm and ignore this statement.

Last Updated On March 01, 2019