What is Vox Organum Center?

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Vox Organum Center has been released in the end of February 2019. This easy and safe place to manage your account. This panel has been divided into separated tabs. Every tab have a different function:

1. Profile

This tab shows you a short preview of your profile. Here you can find your general statistics, like total downloads, daily downloads and more.

2. Purchases

This tab displays all your orders.

3. Download history

Here you can see your download history from the beginning of your account.

4. Edit profile

In this place you can change informations about your account, like basic information and billing adress.

5. Logout

Here you can safely log out.

Where can I change my avatar?

Vox Organum user avatars are associated with Gravatar platform. If you want to change your profile avatar, please assign your global avatar on www.gravatar.com. After changing the profile photo, you have to wait a few moments before it appears in the user panel.

Last Updated On February 26, 2019