In which cases my account can be blocked?

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The user account can be permanently blocked in case of inappropriate behavior, violation of the terms of use and inappropriate use of the website.

Examples of inappropriate behavior:

  • promoting piracy
  • vulgar vocabulary
  • having illegally downloaded software
  • using temporary or fake e-mail address
  • having licensed products without licensing
  • redistributing and sharing paid products
  • attempts to break the security systems (permament IP block)
  • attempts to break the password (permament IP block)
  • attempts to hack the website (permament IP block)
  • spam messages/accounts etc.

All of these offenses will be saved in our security systems. The main crimes (hacking, piracy etc.) will be saved by your IP and HOST numbers and they will be reported to the Police. Please notify us, if we groundlessly blocked your account.


Last Updated On April 15, 2019