How to run bigger organs in Free Edition?

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It is possible to run every virtual pipe organ on HauptwerkTM 4: Free Edition, but with more or less limitations. HauptwerkTM 4: Free Edition provide 1,5 GB of maximum memory and only 16-bits quality. That is enough to load a small 1-manual instrument with 256 polyphony. It is almost impossible to play on bigger instruments in Free Edition.

If you want to play on bigger instrument with HauptwerkTM: Free Edition, you must disable some voices and change quality of samples.  You must run HauptwerkTM and go to: “Organ” > “Load organ, adjusting rank audio/memory options/routing …” and select organ, you want to load. 

This is the lowest possible quality of samples. If the organ still do not loading, try to disable some organ ranks by selecting “No” in “Rank enabled?” option. You need to combine with these settings to receive the satisfying sound.

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Last Updated On February 26, 2019